Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad program highlights and sights:

  • Play games vs. local teams

  • Maracas Beach visit

  • Sight-seeing port of Spain

  • Day excursion to Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago consists of two Caribbean islands just off the northeastern coast of Venezuela. The islands are renowned for their great beaches, vibrant culture and natural wonders.  

The Trinidad & Tobago Volleyball Federation(T.T.V.F) is a non-governmental organization advocating the sport of volleyball within Trinidad and Tobago at all levels. The ultimate goal of the T.T.V.F is to make the sport of volleyball one of the top sports within Trinidad & Tobago through quality coaching, continuous athlete development, improved administrative support, excellent technical support as well as generation of high spectator and sponsor interest. 

The island of Trinidad was a Spanish colony from the arrival of Christopher Columbus in 1498 to the capitulation of the Spanish Governor, Don José María Chacón, on the arrival of a British fleet of 18 warships on 18 February 1797.During the same period, the island of Tobago changed hands among Spanish, British, French, Dutch and Courlander colonizers, more times than any other island in the Caribbean. Trinidad and Tobago (remaining separate until 1889) were ceded to Britain in 1802 under the Treaty of Amiens. The country Trinidad and Tobago obtained independence in 1962, becoming a republic in 1976.

Tour 9101
Trinidad– Port of Spain


Day 1  Flight to Port of Spain

Day 2  Sightseeing visit to the Queen’s Park Savannah, the Magnificent Seven and Fort George, evening match

Day 3  Morning court available for training. Afternoon visit Maracas Beach

Day 4  Picturesque hike to Maracas Waterfalls, evening match

Day 5  Optional tour to Tobago

Day 6  Pan yard visit and lesson how to play a steel pan. Afternoon Zip Lining, evening match

Day 7  Morning community service and afternoon swamp tour and see all the wildlife Trinidad has to offer

Day 8  Transfer to Port of Spain Airport for return flight

Participant Prices:
Starting at US$1900 per person
Starting at CAD2200 per person

Prices are based on departure from Miami, with 40 people traveling. Contact us for a detailed price quote and itinerary.

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